University study urges greater focus on elder nursing home abuse

A serious report by the University of North Carolina highlights the abuse that the elderly in nursing homes can suffer. It states that elder abuse is under-reported in the United States and is also under-identified in emergency departments. All of this is worrying news if you or a loved one is in a nursing home.

The report is summarized here-

It states that there are 23 million visits every year by elders to emergency departments and that with such high numbers, medical practitioners are missing the signs of elder abuse in general and nursing home abuse in particular. It is a set of statistics that bring much cause for alarm and highlight the need to keep regular contact with your loved ones in nursing homes.

As a West Palm Beach Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer we have seen the physical and emotional damage that nursing home abuse can have on people. We see some harrowing things and know the distress that it can cause all involved. Abuse and neglect cause psychological scars that takes a long time to heal. With emergency departments not recognizing the signs of abuse as much as they should, the burden falls on the relatives to spot any signs of abuse or neglect, such as –

  • Untreated bed sores
  • Overmedication of a patient, often to keep them sedated more than is necessary
  • Poor hygiene of a patient due to lack of care
  • Signs of malnutrition or dehydration
  • Cuts or bruises that cannot be explained

As the leading West Palm Beach Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer we have dealt with cases such as these so if you are in any doubt then please contact us and we can help you through the process. In many cases a conversation with the nursing home care director will bring about a swift resolution and get the standards of care back to a level that you would expect.

Many people that live in nursing homes are frail of the body and suffer cognitive issues with the mind, so it can be difficult for a doctor that sees them in an emergency department only once to make a full assessment of how that person is and how it relates to their normal physical and mental state. The burden can often fall on relatives of those in nursing homes to see a change in the condition of their loved ones and report it. It is by seeing injuries or behaviors that are out of the ordinary that any signs of abuse can be identified.

Because the residents of nursing homes are more physically and mentally vulnerable gives more reason to protect them. As the number one West Palm Beach Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer we have systems in place to protect the vulnerable and resolve any issues with nursing homes. Keep a good eye on your loved ones and make sure that you are looking out for any signs of abuse or neglect. They deserve the best care possible.