Nursing home injury prevention guide

Accidents happen even when the best intentions are there to protect people.  There may be a time in your life when you need a Nursing Home Injury Lawyer West Palm Beach due to an injury in a nursing home. But precautions can be taken to have the best chance of avoiding accident and injury. This is a guide to ensuring that you or your loved one has the lowest chance of injury.

Choose the right nursing home

When you first set out to find a care home then you need to visit them and see that they will provide adequate care. This is vitally important, whether you are choosing for yourself or a loved one. The things to look out for include-

  • Training for all the members of staff
  • Good maintenance of the building
  • Therapy for the residents

A good home will be able to talk to you confidently about the measures they have in place for all of these things as you ask. Look around the nursing home fully so that you have a complete idea of what condition it is in.

Preventing falls

We have helped out many clients as an expert Nursing Home Injury Lawyer West Palm Beach but we would much rather it didn’t come to this. In a nursing home setting it is much more likely that someone will fall than in the rest of society. You can prevent falls by following these instructions-

  1. Assess the risks in and around the nursing home where you or your loved one live
  2. Make sure the staff members know if there is an issue
  3. Look for walking aids such as grab bars or frames
  4. Use the equipment that is provided for getting in and out of bed, chairs and visiting the restroom
  5. Take part in any coordinated exercise por9ograms that you are able to in order to maintain balance and strength

A fall can bring about any number of injuries to various parts of the body so avoiding them is an important part of preventing injury in a care home. You may need the help of the nursing home to ensure that you are able to move around effectively and without risk of injury.

Preventing infection

Infections can lead to serious problems for the elderly. With age comes a lowering of the immune system and more chance of an infection taking hold. This worsens further still if you or your loved one is unable to get out of bed. Regular bathing and grooming is the ideal way to fight off infection and remain healthy. You need to press this requirement on the nursing home in order for the chances of infection to be greatly reduced.

If you have found that you or a loved one has been caused an injury from neglect or abuse at a care home then you can contact us as a specialist Nursing Home Injury Lawyer West Palm Beach. We are here to help you.