What forms of nursing home abuse are there?

As the leading Nursing Home Abuse Attorney West Palm Beach we are often asked just what constitutes abuse. It can be difficult to know what is seen as abuse and what is not. It is not a simple case of being attacked by a member of the nursing home care team. There are other areas of abuse.

Physical abuse

Nursing homes are charged with providing care for all their residents. Part of this care package is the proper vetting and supervision of their staff members. There are occasions when people work in care homes that just should not be there. They don’t have the temperament to look after the vulnerable.

This can lead to physical abuse of elders such as hitting or shoving and this is never acceptable. The signs of cuts or bruises will show an elder has possible been abused.

Verbal abuse

But not all abuse has to be physical. Patients can feel a great deal of hurt if they are spoken to in a disrespectful way or even being ignored. All people in nursing homes deserve respectful treatment that recognizes their rights as a fellow human being. Emotional abuse can have long term effects and can see the victim become stressed or stop eating.

Sexual abuse

As the number one Nursing Home Abuse Attorney West Palm Beach we have had to deal with some unfortunate cases of sexual abuse in a nursing home setting. Any contact that does not have the consent of the patient is sexual abuse and can have a frighten effect on the victim. Others forms of sexual abuse include forcing someone to undress or showing of pornographic images. These are harrowing situations and you can talk to us in the strictest confidence if you have any concerns in this area.


Being ignored or left in bed for long periods of time is known as neglect. Many residents of nursing homes need help to go about their daily functions such as eating and visiting the bathroom. Without this help they are unable to carry out the tasks that many of us take for granted. If neglected then many end up soiling their bed, or being unable to get the nutrients needed form their meals. Neglect leaves a patient even more frightened and vulnerable than they ever were.

Healthcare abuse

There are cases where nursing home residents are taken advantage of with their healthcare charges. They can be double charged or charged for items that they did not use. This is often a part of fraudulent activity that earns extra money for the nursing home at the expense of the resident.


As the leading Nursing Home Abuse Attorney West Palm Beach we see cases where a patient is given their medication without due care and attention. This can range from mild symptoms to serious complications and is a form of abuse that is under-reported.  Being given too much of your prescribed medication is potentially dangerous and is a form of abuse that must be investigated to make sure it does not happen again.