The emotional toll behind the visible signs of neglect such as bed sores

As a professional Bed Sore Lawyer West Palm Beach we see the physical pain that someone with bed sores is going through. Bed sores are also known as decubitous ulcers. They can happen when someone is bed bound or chair bound for a prolonged period of time. Many parts of the body can be affected but the physical signs are usually seen in the back or buttocks. They are painful to touch and can be difficult to treat, especially if the patient is still bed bound or chair bound. As the pressure builds on the areas in constant contact with the bed or chair then the blood flow to the areas slows and the tissues start to become damaged.

An accumulation of bed sores is a sign of neglect. If you or a loved one is suffering from them then you may need to get in touch with us as the leading Bed Sore Lawyer West Palm Beach. But many people just look at the physical pain that a patient experiences with bed sores and thinks that this is the only issue. There is immense emotional distress behind having bed sores and you need to be aware of this if you or a loved one is suffering from them.

They do bring about a lot of worry and anxiety. When someone has bed sores they become acutely aware of them. People worry about them night and day and it can lead to sleep deprivation, which only brings about more potential health issues. Stress affects mental health and physical health so should be avoided in a nursing home situation.

People become upset and pessimistic about their health with bed sores and this can lead to a loss of appetite, a propensity to depression or a lowered immune system. The pain of bed sores is about so much more than the sore itself. Shying away from interaction or shunning food is a path to more potential problems. The emotional toll of bed sores can be a high one.

Bed sores actually changes the life of the person who is differing from them. Physical activity becomes much more difficult and more painful. This makes the energy and drive to get up and become active disappears overnight. Add to this the embarrassment factor of having these sores cleaned and dressed several times a day then you can see why bed sores hold back recovery for any patient. Having the wound looked at many times every day is something that most elderly patients find uncomfortable and embarrassing. All this can be avoided if the nursing home takes the proper precautions.

As the top Bed Sore Lawyer West Palm Beach we deal with this on an all-too-familiar basis. We look beyond the physical signs of neglect and look at the whole person. We want to know that you or your loved one is emotionally well. Get in touch with us today if you want to talk about how we can help.