The most common types of nursing home injuries

There are situations in a nursing home where a patient can unfortunately suffer an injury. With the best will in the world there is the potential for injury with elders in a nursing home environment. They are vulnerable members of society that need extra care and attention when it comes to their everyday activities.

As the number one West Palm Beach Nursing Home Injury Attorney we are often asked what constitutes and injury in a care home. Although we can’t list every potential injury, here is our guide to the most common types of nursing home injury.

Slips, trips and falls

Many of the elders in nursing homes need help with their movement. As we get older we lose the strength in our muscles and bones and our balance. We need help to get out of bed, walk around and generally live our life. Slips, trips and falls are common nursing home injuries and occur when there is not enough support for people to get around safely. There should be hand rails in the corridors, aids in the bathroom and guards o the side of the bed.

Cuts and bruises

Cuts and bruises can be the sign of neglect or abuse in a nursing home. If people are suffering from cuts and bruises then this is cause for alarm, especially if the nursing home staff is not able to tell you how they happened. They could be the sign that someone is having issues with balance and suffering from falls or something more sinister. Unfortunately as the leading West Palm Beach Nursing Home Injury Attorney we have seen cases of abuse far too often. If you have concerns that a loved one or someone else I the nursing home is being abused then let us know right away.

Dehydration and malnutrition

Being neglected to the point of suffering dehydration or malnutrition is serious. It leads to many other physical complications and should be avoided at all costs. There are ways of bulking up a patient or getting them hydrated if they are off their food and drink so there is no excuse for this happening.

Bed sores

Another sign of injury is bed sores. These come about from sitting or lying in the same position for prolonged periods of time. The nursing home should be trying to keep people moving and reducing the probability of bed sores from happening. This is an injury that needs regular cleaning and attention and bed sores can be painful to live with.


Another injury that we as the top West Palm Beach Nursing Home Injury Attorney have dealt with is infections. In nursing homes an infection can travel quickly as nursing home staff travels from resident to resident. Without high standards of hygiene this can become a real problem. Injuries suffered from infections can be long-lasting and potentially serious so they need to be reported and investigated. They can really take hold of an elderly patient and take a long time to recover from.