How common is the need for a nursing home abuse lawyer?

We would all like to think that we will never need a nursing home abuse lawyer. In the ideal world we set in our mind there are systems in place that give us or a loved one high standards of care and eliminate any chance of abuse taking place. Unfortunately this is not always the case. As he leading West Palm Beach Nursing Home Abuse Attorney we have seen some cases of abuse that could have been prevented but just were not.

You want to put your trust in a nursing home and in many cases you can but the need for a nursing home abuse lawyer comes around often. We deal with cases all the time. It is our professionalism and attention to detail that puts us ahead of all the other nursing home abuse lawyers in our area. We deal with your case with the utmost sensitivity and compassion.

Every single year there are around 25% of the nursing homes in the United States cited for causing injury or death.  The worst part about this? The figure is on the rise. We are seeing elder abuse in nursing homes on an unprecedented scale. As long as people are reporting their concerns and taking action then we can see this figure start to lower again as the rogue nursing homes and abusive staff members are rooted out of the system.

As the number one West Palm Beach Nursing Home Abuse Attorney we see many cases every year. As people become more confident in reporting the abuse that they see, receive or suspect in nursing homes then we can see a positive outcome. When abuse is detected then the victim needs to be protected. This may be in the form of-

  • Being moved to a new nursing home
  • Having safeguards placed around their care
  • More visits from relatives
  • A different care program

Whatever the outcome, it must be in the best interest of the patent. These are vulnerable people that need the protection of their nursing home, not the abuse.

Some of the payouts from nursing home abuse are high. There are settlements in the tens of millions of dollars for people that have been the victim of abuse. Claims are made for many different areas of abuse or neglect and this can include-

  • Understaffing in a care home leading to abuse or injury
  • Overmedication is a form of abuse that can have serious consequences
  • Hiring staff without doing the proper checks can lead to abusive staff members alone with vulnerable patients
  • A lack of training and supervision for staff members can lead to abusive situations

If you are concerned about abuse in your nursing home or the home of a loved one then contact us as soon as possible. As the top West Palm Beach Nursing Home Abuse Attorney we know how to treat all instances of abuse or suspected abuse and we will move swiftly to protect people.