What can you do about nursing home abuse?

As the leading Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer West Palm Beach we are often asked “what can be done about abuse?” There are many forms of abuse in a nursing home from physical abuse to psychological abuse and even in extreme cases sexual abuse. Unfortunately this is a real part of our society and is something that needs to be met head on.

From the point of view of our clients there is a lot that can be done about nursing home abuse. As the top Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer West Palm Beach we represent clients that want their care to be dignified and compassionate. We want that for everyone as well, so we fight the corner of people that cannot stand up for themselves.

Firstly the choice of nursing home is an important one. If you select the right home in the first place then the chances of abuse or lowered. Nursing home abuse can take the form of neglect so a home with poor access to funds or staffing shortages provide an environment where neglect and abuse are more likely.

If you think that you see signs of abuse in a nursing home then it is your duty to report it. As the number one Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer West Palm Beach we make sure that the proper authorities are informed with the correct procedures. It is important to follow the right steps in the right order and we will ensure that you are represented effectively.

Keeping notes of any concerns that you have will help to document the lack of care and abuse from the nursing home and will make it easier to gather all the required information when filing the reports. Any notes that you make will help to build the picture.

People in nursing homes are in a very vulnerable position. They are dependent on others for help with their daily lives. If this help is not forthcoming or turns into abuse then it can be difficult to speak out about people that run their lives. Making sure that your loved one is in a nursing home that takes good care of them is paramount.

If your loved one is suffering from abuse then you will want them moved to a safe location as soon as possible. Leaving them in a dangerous situation is just not an option. There are good nursing homes with high standards of care that can be found to take over the care and get your loved one safe again. There is a large support network including Adult Protective Services and voluntary organizations that are there to help. They will investigate the circumstances and support you and your loved one truth this difficult time.

If you suspect that your loved one is being abused in a nursing home setting then get in touch with us right away. We have vast experience in dealing with these circumstances so we will be able to resolve the unsafe situation with the best outcome for all.